Midlands Janet Carlson is one of ten administrators pushing their ASCs into robotics

Robotics continues to grow in the ASC space, with many centers adopting or adding systems over the past year. Here are 10 leaders at the helm of centers that have pushed into robotics in 2020.

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As in any activity one attempts to master, developing expertise takes time and repetition. Studies confirm that patient outcomes for particular procedures are linked to the volume of those procedures a surgeon performs. We are pleased to be a regional leader in ASC surgery.

  • Total ASC surgeries performed 2006-2020: 43,879
  • Joint Replacement surgeries performed 2012-2020: 3,399
  • Advanced Spine surgeries performed 2012-2020: 968
  • Spine Discectomy & Decompression surgeries performed 2012-2020: 972
  • 62% of all surgery by our physicians is performed in an ASC setting: 3,657 cases in 2020.